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Women have been extending their eyelashes for many years. It is a fairly easy procedure that can be done at some salons, but you need to make sure they have an eyelash expert on staff. It takes a very precise and steady hand to be able to apply them properly. When you do have them applied, they definitely make a difference in the appearance of your eyes, and make you look and feel great.

There are a few ways that you can get eyelash extensions. The eyelash extensions are actually applied to the natural lashes, and no glue touches your eye lid. If cared for well they can last the same amount of time that your natural lashes do, which is about four to six weeks. They have a more natural look to them and are oftentimes lighter weight than the synthetic ones are.

Whatever the reason is that you want to get yourself some eyelash extensions, you should be able to find the ones that will work for you. If you want temporary ones, there are options out there for you. But if you are looking to get extensions to last a few weeks at a time, then you will also be able to find those as well. You will be happy with the dramatic look when they are complete.