Henna Brows

 Henna Brow ~ $45
 Henna Brow & Sculpt ~ $59
 Bright Eyes Henna* ~ $79
 *Henna, Brow Sculpt & Lash Tint

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Henna Brows Info

Brow Henna is now available at Lash Bar Australia! Brow Henna is an all natural brow tinting product, giving a long lasting tattoo effect on the skin beneath your brows.

The henna skin stain will last around 2 weeks on the skin, adding depth, desired fullness and shape and the colour will last up to 6 weeks on the brow hair. Henna Spa comes in 8 different colours that can be mixed to suite every colour and shade.

Your brows and skin beneath will be cleansed, shampooed & exfoliated. This will open up your pores and hair follicles for a longer lasting effect. We will then map your brows for perfected symmetrical results before applying the henna to your desired brow shape. The henna will be sealed and a regrowth serum brushed through the promote healthy brow growth.

Your brows will then be shaped and sculptured into the perfect arch or requested shape to compliment and frame your face perfectly.

Brow Henna Care

Before Your Brow Henna

  • Remove all eyebrow makeup 
  • Ensure brow area is free from any make-up and spray tan residue
  • Do not use oil on brow area, including oily make-up remover, oily primers, moisturising cream, sunscreen, etc
  • Please advise if you have: Any allergies, eye infections, conjunctivitis, sore/swollen eyes, recent surgery, scaring to the area or Trichotillomania

Brow Henna Aftercare

  • Keep brows dry and away from heat/steam for 24/48 hours 
  • Avoid rubbing or exfoliating the brow area
  • Keep free from make-up for 24hrs
  • Avoid swimming and saunas for 24hrs
  • Do not use any oil based products: oily make up remover, oily cleansers, etc, as they may cause the henna to fade quicker