Henna Brows Brisbane Southside

Henna Eyebrows on Brisbane’s Southside Offer Convenience

Lash Bar Australia provides henna brow treatments on Brisbane’s southside.

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We offer henna brows on Brisbane’s southside to save you time on makeup application. Using all-natural ingredients, our experienced staff will colour your eyebrows for a natural look.

What you can expect: Henna Brows from Lash Bar Australia

Lash Bar Australia now offers Brow Henna by Henna spa, a natural brow tinting product that provides lasting results and saving you time. The long-lasting tattoo effect on the skin beneath your brows will eliminate the need for brow pencils.

  • We will clean and exfoliate your brow before application and will seal the eyebrows with a regrowth serum to promote healthy hair growth.
  • The procedure will last on the skin for approximately two weeks and the brow hair for up to six weeks, adding depth and fullness.
  • Our henna is available in eight colours for custom mixing to match your specific tones.
  • We will shape your henna eyebrows afterwards as a finishing touch.

Problems Henna Brows addresses

Lash Bar Australia understands the problems women have with their eyebrows. Our henna eyebrows can overcome any brow problem you have.

  • Overplucked eyebrows will look fuller.
  • Patchy or sparse areas will be filled in.
  • Greying hairs that are difficult to hide.

Lash Bar Australia’s relaxing salon will also shape your brows to complement your face, ensuring you are happy with the results. Contact us about henna brows on Brisbane’s southside for more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly staff.