Silk & Mink Eyelash Extensions Annerley

Silk and Mink Eyelash Extensions in Annerley Provide Volume to Your Lashes

Lash Bar Australia offers eyelash extensions in Annerley for fuller lashes.

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Very few women are born with thick, naturally curling eyelashes. The rest are left to curling devices and layers of mascara to achieve the look nature failed to bestow upon their eyes. Offering lash extensions in Annerley, Lash Bar Australia helps women attain that natural look of long, thick, naturally curling lashes.

Having a full, thick set of lashes framing the eyes is a look many women hope to achieve. Millions of dollars are spent each year in the pursuit of long, thick lashes not to mention the time spent researching and trying different products. All that money and time spent to attain long, thick lashes come at an additional cost, but lash extensions in Annerley can eliminate these problems.

Problems Volume Eyelash Extensions addresses

Products designed to thicken and strengthen eyelashes take time to produce results and often do not yield the desired results. These products might also irritate the eye itself.

  • The ingredients in most mascaras irritate eyes and are difficult to remove, leading to more eye irritation. They can also damage the lashes requiring the use of more and more product, thus creating a vicious cycle.
  • Eyelash curlers are another tool and step in the process of improving the look of eyelashes. They are uncomfortable to use and if not used properly, can cause lash damage.

Bennefits of Silk and Mink Eyelash Extensions

Our friendly, experienced staff work with each client to attain the desired results. Straight lashes will suddenly curl. Short lashes will immediately be longer. Fullness will be added to thin lashes. Lash Bar Australia will graft high quality silk and mink individual lash extensions to your existing lashes.

You can expect the following benefits from silk and mink volume lash extensions in Annerley:

  • Longer, thicker looking lashes without the use of mascara to achieve the look.
  • Multiple sets to choose from depending upon the desired result.
  • Each lash extension session is customised to your eyelashes and desired result.
  • Lashes look and feel natural without added weight.
  • Lash extensions last four to six weeks.
  • We offer infills to keep lashes looking full continually, and we provide a 7-day replacement guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

Do you have a special occasion on the horizon and want fuller, natural looking lashes? Lash Bar Australia can achieve the look you desire for any event – weddings, formals, or every day – our lash technicians are trained to attach any length lashes to your own, giving you the natural lash look you’ve been missing. We only use a top-quality medical grade adhesive to achieve long-lasting results and reduce irritation. An additional bonus is that we only graft lashes onto resting lashes, leaving the baby lashes to continue growing for later bonding if desired. Once you’ve tried volume lash extensions in Annerley, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Contact us to schedule a visit to our relaxing salon and see how we can improve the look of your lashes. Achieving the look nature denied is possible without curling products and mascara. Try lash extensions for a natural look that requires little maintenance and offers beautiful results.