Lash Lift & Perm Brisbane

Give your Lashes a Lift and Perm in Brisbane

Lash Lift in Brisbane is like giving your eyelashes a perm for a long-lasting curl.

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Straight eyelashes require curling devices to curl and layers of mascara to hold the curl, adding additional time to your makeup routine. Lash Bar Australia has a solution for straight and less curly lashes – lash lift. Lash lift in brisbane takes your straight lashes and gives them the curl you desire.

Common mistakes people make with eyelash perm

Common mistakes women make in the quest for long curling lashes are the products used to achieve the desired look.

  • Curling devices – overuse of curling devices leads to lash loss and breakage.
  • Mascara – the ingredients in mascara often cause eye irritation creating beautifully framed red eyes.
  • Oil-based removers – using an oil-based makeup remover can cause eye irritation as well.
  • Not removing mascara – not removing mascara between applications can cause more eye irritations and you risk damaging the lashes.

What sets Lash Bar Australia apart with lash lift in Brisbane? 

Lash Bar Australia’s eyelash perm offers a lash lift in Brisbane; another option over lash extensions for more beautiful lashes. 

  • We use Elleebana products to lift your lashes, giving them the curl your desire. Think of it as a perm for your lashes.
  • The process takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.
  • The treatment lasts approximately eight weeks with proper care.
  • We offer products for aftercare to promote lasting results.

Lash lift in Brisbane is a less expensive solution to lash extensions that lasts for weeks and requires less time for treatment. Contact our friendly professional staff for more information or to schedule an appointment for a lash lift.