Mink Eyelash Extensions Info

Lash Bar Australia professionally graft high quality, 100% real mink, individual eyelash extensions that look and feel completely natural. Eyelash Extensions are the perfect choice for weddings, formals & special occasions or everyday wear, to look and feel beautiful with longer, thicker eyelashes. Single Eyelash Extension applications last up to six weeks, or with regular infills, for as long as you want. Available in varying lengths & thickness, Lash Bar Australia’s lashette’s will tailor your mink eyelash extensions specific to you.

Lash Bar Australia's Mink eyelash extensions are individual, long lasting lash extensions, applied and bonded directly to your natural eyelashes giving you the appearance of longer and thicker lashes. We use only top quality & government regulated, medical grade, semi-permanent adhesive for the best long lasting results that come with a professional 7 day replacements guarantee.

Just like your real eyelashes, the eyelash extensions come in varying lengths and curls to achieve your desired look. Your lash extensions will be tailored to you and your eyelashes (not a one size fits all approach). You can choose from natural mink eyelash extension sets where less is more, full mink eyelash extension sets or the more accentuated look with our glamorous & double mink eyelash extension sets.

Natural eyelashes have a cycle of 4-6 weeks. Individual eyelash extensions are grafted to resting eyelashes, so not to damage baby lashes that are still growing. Each set of extensions has the potential to last up to 4-6 weeks with proper care, however you will find that your lash extensions will require an infill at 2-3 weeks with the replenishment of your natural lash cycle.