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Eyelash Extensions in Brisbane 

Women all around the world wish for eyelashes that are both long and voluminous. That is why so many make-up companies create mascara that promises to lengthen your lashes. There are other ways to get the beautifully long lashes that you desire, without needing to try every brand of mascara that ultimately fills you with hope and dashes your dreams when your lashes look the same. Do not waste you money on things that cannot deliver what they promise, instead, get yourself some eyelash extensions in Brisbane at Lash Bar Australia.

Lash Bar Australia's Brisbane Eyelash Extensions are applied with a special, medical grade adhesive that essentially one of the mink eyelash extensions to your natural lash. While applying the lashes one by one, the extension does not touch the eye lid, nor does the adhesive. Once applied, be sure that you follow all of the care instructions because you'll want the lovely eyelash extensions to last.

You are free to get eyelash extensions for whatever reason you desire them for. If you are looking to get eyelash extensions in Brisbane, Lash Bar Australia is the place to go.

After you have the eyelash extensions applied in Brisbane, you can wear makeup normally and you will begin to see a huge different in the way that your eyes pop. Majority of people who have eyelash extensions feel as though they no longer need to apply makeup daily. Get your eyelash extensions in Brisbane today, at Lash Bar Australia.

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Lash Extensions Brisbane

Whether you are looking to lengthen your lashes for a party or for your wedding day, there is not excuse that you shouldn’t be able to do just that. Many women suffer from having short and thin eyelashes and because of this; some will turn to lash extensions to help their cause. You can find many places that will apply lash extensions in Brisbane, and they will do it for many different events.

Eyelashes are unique to each person. Some people are lucky enough to have been born with thick and long lashes that simply do not need any sort of help. Unfortunately, there are many others who are not that lucky. For women who have shorter lashes, they often turn to mascaras that promise to lengthen and accentuate their natural eyelashes, but as it so often happens, the mascara does no such thing. Applying eyelash extensions is one of the only ways of getting the lashes that you want.

There are a few materials that lash extensions are made of, both natural and synthetic. They can come in silk, mink fur, or a man made material. Often, the synthetic lash extensions are heavy and do not look as natural when applied, though they are on the cheaper side. If you are looking for something that is really dramatic and the most lifelike, you will want to look into mink extensions. They are light and very natural on your eyelid. Plus, they can be applied one by one onto your own lashes and will last longer that way.

You can get lash extensions in Brisbane for whatever reason you want, and the great thing about them is that you can wear them during the day while at work if you want to. They are not just for a fancy party or club, and certainly not only reserved for a special event like your wedding. Getting yourself some lash extensions will help to make you feel better about your eyes, and feel as if you do not even need to apply make up. Everyone you meet will want to know what it is that you did and when you tell them, they will have to run out and get their own. Get you lash Extensions applied in Brisbane today.


The perfect Brisbane Massage is at Lash Bar Australia. As you lie on the table under crisp, fresh linen,

hushed music draws you into the moment. Scented candles fill the air and you hear the gentle sound of

massage oil being warmed in your therapist's hands. The pains of age, stress of the day, the overworked

and stressed muscles all melt away as therapeutic hands to start their work. Once the session gets

underway, the problems of the world fade into an oblivious 60 or 90 minutes of relief and total


But, what if the time you spend having your Brisbane massage did more for you than just take the

pressures of the day away? What if bodywork helped you recover from a strained hamstring in half the

time? What if your sleep, digestion and mood all improved with Brisbane massage and bodywork at Lash

Bar Australia? What if these weren't just "what ifs"?

Evidence is showing that the more massage in Brisbane you can allow yourself, the better you'll feel.

Brisbane massage as a healing tool has been around for thousands of years in many cultures. Many are

still in use today, and with good reason. With a lot of proof of the benefits of massage - ranging from

helping ease diseases and injuries to alleviating the growing tensions of our modern lifestyles. Having a

massage in Brisbane at Lash Bar Australia does more than just relax your body and mind - there are

specific physiological and psychological changes which occur, even more so when Brisbane massage is

utilized as a preventative, frequent therapy and not simply mere once in a while luxury. Brisbane

Massage by one of the highly trained therapists at Lash Bar Australia not only feels good, but it can help

you feel better in so many ways.



Looking for Hot stone massage in Brisbane? Hot stone massage is a deeply relaxing style of massage that will leave you feeling amazing. Hot stones will be placed on your body during the therapy, and your experienced therapist will use them to massage your muscles. 

We are experts at hot stone massage in Brisbane, we place the hot stones on key points on the body. You will find this an extremely healing experience. The hot stones will help relieve stress and help you move into a deep relaxation. Getting a hot stone massage in Brisbane will be an experience you won't forget and will leave you feeling calm and relaxed for hours after your massage.

Contact us today and visit us in our central location in Annerley. We believe we offer the best hot stone massages in Brisbane. So feel free to book yours today!




Get Your Spray Tan in Brisbane at Lash Bar Australia

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A spray tan in Brisbane gives your skin a healthy glow.

If you are looking for a safe and effective alternative to laying out in the sun, a spray tan is an excellent option. Spray tans come with significant benefits when administered by a seasoned professional.

Benefits of a Spray Tan in Brisbane Southside by Lash Bar Australia

A spray tan in Annerley provides more than just a sun-kissed look to your skin. The benefits of a spray tan include:

  • Avoiding harmful UV rays: Although it is enjoyable to lay out in the warm summer sun, unfortunately, the reality is that extended exposure to UV rays cause serious harm to your skin. A spray tan in Brisbane provides a natural way to achieve beautiful colour.
  • Instant result: As soon as the spray tan solution contacts your skin, you immediately see the change in colour on your body. While “standard” tanning takes several trips or hours outside, a spray tan in Coorparoo affords you the benefit of a summer look in one convenient session.
  • Confidence booster: There is an element of confidence that comes with your skin radiating a healthy lustre. When you look good, you feel good which is a considerable advantage to self-esteem.

What Sets Lash Bar Australia Apart for a Spray Tan in Coorparoo? 

Our talented staff is dedicated to making your visit to our location memorable by providing an above average experience:

  • A personalised experience: Your spray tan in Brisbane Southside begins with a colour consultation with one of our spray tanning team members. We understand that you have specific expectations for your spray tan. We are committed to meeting your needs.
  • Professional application: We pride ourselves on providing you with a flawless spray tan. Our team is highly trained in the technique of applying your spray tan without streaks or patches. Once your spray tan is done, we will give you instructions for the best way to maintain your tan for as long as possible.
  • Quality products: Our company uses only the best solutions and lotions for your spray tan. Your spray tan begins with the addition of Goddess Creme de la Creme to the drier parts of your body to achieve an even tan. Our Naked Tan tanning solution is customisable to suit any skin shade.

We understand the importance of getting your spray tan right. Between our incredible products and technique, you can expect your spray tan in Brisbane to last approximately seven days.

Why Trust Lash Bar Australia Regarding a Spray Tan in Brisbane? 

The team at Lash Bar Australia has a combined experience of two decades in the beauty industry. We consistently strive to remain up-to-date with all the latest trends in spray tanning so ensure that we provide you with nothing but the best in service and options. Our friendly staff is here to answer any questions or concerns that you have both before and after your session.

To learn more about our spray tan options, please call us on 0404894796 or use our contact page to send us a message.

What to Look for in a Professional Waxing Salon in Brisbane

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Are you looking for a fantastic waxing salon in Brisbane?

Shaving is a time-consuming activity that many people absolutely dread. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you may have to shave up to twice per week. Why not save the time and hassle and head to Lash Bar Australia for a wax that can last up to three weeks? Our trained professionals are ready to take care of any and all of your waxing needs.

The Importance of Finding a Good Waxing Salon in Brisbane

There are many benefits of waxing versus shaving, but it can be a daunting experience to prepare for your first professional wax. To help you feel confident waxing is the right choice for your beauty routine, learn a few of the benefits you will experience after leaving your new waxing salon in Brisbane, Lash Bar Australia.

  • Waxing removes the hair at the root which makes the follicle weaker over time so your hair grows back in thinner and softer. Eventually, the root won’t be able to grow coarse, thick hair anymore.
  • Slower regrowth. A wax can last up to four weeks as the hair is pulled straight out of the follicle. Your skin will remain smooth until the hair grows back out of the root completely.
  • Getting rid of unwanted hair doesn’t have to be an ordeal anymore. We all know the feeling of spending what seems like ages shaving only to find later in the day that you’ve missed a spot. At Lash Bar Australia, our technicians have a keen eye for detail that will ensure you leave our waxing salon in Brisbane with all-over smoothness.

What You Can Expect from Lash Bar Australia, Your Top-Quality Waxing Salon in Brisbane

The word “waxing” makes many people nervous, but at Lash Bar Australia, we know that feeling fades once you know that you will be taken care of properly. Here’s how we contribute to your satisfaction and comfort.

  • Aftercare and follow-up with our clients is very important to us, as we always want to make sure you are happy with your results and satisfied with the treatment.
  • All of the products we use are chosen to ensure the best possible health and well-being for our clients. Caron Wax is high-quality and formulated for sensitive skin to ensure that you enjoy silky smooth, beautiful skin.
  • We pride ourselves on maintaining a calming and enjoyable environment. You can relax properly while you are pampered by our highly trained waxing beauticians.

Why You Can Trust Lash Bar Australia for Your Next Wax

We offer many kinds of waxing services, from a lip and chin wax to a Brazilian wax. Our in-salon guarantee is in place to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We have highly-trained staff members and technicians who know exactly what needs to be done to make you look and feel incredible.

Contact us today to book your waxing appointment and wear shorts and skirts worry-free with no fear of redness or ingrown hairs. Our waxing aftercare is designed to make you look and feel great for weeks.

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Are you looking for waxing in Brisbane? we provide a wide range of waxing including Eyebrow waxing, leg waxing, bikini and much more. We are dedicate in providing the best Waxing in Brisbane and a passionate about giving you a smooth, hairless look and a relaxing, professional experience. 

Waxing is a semi permanent hair removal and can last up to 4- 6 weeks. (depending on your personal hair growth). If you are sick of shaving every few days this is the treatment for you.

We are conveniently located in the central suburb of Annerley. We believe we are offer one of the best waxing services in Brisbane, so give us a call and one of our friendly staff can book your appointment today.

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Do you need eyebrow waxing in Brisbane? If so, Lash Bar Australia is the place for you! Utilising its specialised Eyebrow waxing techniques, the result is perfectly shaped brows and a brighter, more youthful appearance.

Offering a fast, professional and thorough service,we are your one-stop destination for beautiful eyebrows in Brisbane.  We have a passion for shaping eyebrows to suit your face, so you know you're in good hands.

We are experienced and professional, which has earnt Lash Bar the reputation as one of the best beauty parlours for eyebrow waxing in Brisbane.

Lash Bar Australia has a central location in Annerley Brisbane and can offer professional eyebrow waxing in Brisbane, so make an appointment with Lash Bar today and be assured you will have a wonderful experience.