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Mascara Versus Eyelash Extensions

Mascara does not always give even coverage and can leave clumps on your eyelashes which draw attention to the clusters instead of your eyes 

Classic Lashes Enhance Your Eyes with a Subtle Natural Appeal

At Lash Bar Australia, we are passionate about bringing you the perfect level of added appeal with our range of treatments from the more classic lashes to something more dramatic more

We Use an All-Natural Product to Tint Your Beautiful and Long-Lasting Henna Brows

Our henna brows stain lasts approximately two weeks on your skin and about six weeks on the brow hair. Let us shape your brows with one of the eight colours we have available, or a mixture that’s just right for you more

We Do Eyebrow Sculpting, and Waxing at Our Leading Brisbane Beauty Salon 

Our eyebrow waxing practitioners ensure that your lashes, skin, and brows remain healthy. We use the highest quality organic and hypo-allergenic products and treatments to deliver outstanding services more

Enjoy the Safety of Spray Tans to Get Your Glow Going This Season

At Lash Bar Australia, you can indulge in our friendly service and professional care while enjoying the numerous benefits of our spray tans. We offer a range of treatments that will enhance your natural appeal more

Flash Your Luscious Lashes for Longer After an Eyelash Lift in Milton

Lash Bar Australia is proud to announce that we offer you the perfect solution to long-lasting lash volume and curl with our eyelash lift in Milton more

Body Waxing, a Time Saving Option for Men and Women

There are many reasons men and women choose to shave or wax their bodies, some prefer the smoother look and feel, and some do it to benefit their sporting activities more