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Lash Bar Australia’s Waxing Salon in Annerley Provides Brazilian Wax Services by an Experienced Beautician

A visit to our waxing salon in Annerley is a great experience.

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A wax is a marvellous addition to your beauty routine. Our waxing salon in Annerley is a well-known location that services all your waxing needs including Brazilian wax treatments. We believe that when you look good, you feel good and we are devoted to making you both.

Related Services We Provide to Brazilian Wax

  • We are proud to offer a variety of services to help enhance your waxing experience including: Eyebrow tinting: Your eyebrows are a central detail of your face which is why we provide options for eyebrow and eyelash tinting. The technique of henna eyebrows is another growing trend in the beauty world. The highly trained staff at our salon is proficient in applying henna eyebrows.
  • Numerous waxing options: The waxing beautician at our salon is highly trained in removing hair from any part of your body. We offer selections for lip-, chin-, arm-, bikini-, and leg waxing. These treatments can be combined during your appointment.
  • Waxing aftercare: It is important to remember that you need to take specific steps to care for the waxed area after your appointment. This holds true for any type of wax treatment. Aftercare includes moisturising and cleaning the area daily to avoid any infection. We recommend not exercising directly after your treatment and when you do, make sure that you shower immediately afterwards. Our waxing beautician will give you specific aftercare directions when your session is over.

Problems that a Brazilian Wax Addresses

Getting a Brazilian wax from our waxing salon in Annerley helps remedy the following the difficulties:

  • The need to shave: A Brazilian wax lasts much longer than your standard shaving routine. The results of shaving typically last a few days whereas a wax treatment can last for weeks. Shaving also brings other unpleasant side effects such as in-grown hair and physical discomfort to the shaved area of your body.
  • Decrease in irritation: Itching and redness are two side effects associated with shaving. When waxing is done correctly by a member of our staff, this kind of discomfort is entirely avoidable for an extended period.
  • Course hair: After a few appointments, you will notice a change to the hair in that area of your body. The hair will become softer, finer and overall easier to manage when it begins to grow back.

Our professionals understand that a specific technique is required for this kind of waxing. We ensure that your wax beautician is highly trained to avoid any concern or apprehension during your appointment.

Why You Should Use Lash Bar Australia 

As a trusted name in the beauty industry, Lash Bar Australia provides you with the latest options in waxing techniques. Our team boasts 21 years of combined experience. We are committed to making your appointment relaxing and memorable.

For more information about our waxing options, please call us on 0404894796 or use our contact page to send your questions.