Waxing Salon Brisbane Southside

Superior Quality Waxing Salon in Brisbane Southside Offers Brazilian Wax from a Qualified Waxing Beautician

Lash Bar Australia is a professional waxing salon in Brisbane Southside.

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We are a professional waxing salon in Brisbane Southside which specialises in various beauty techniques with 21 years of experience. We have a salon conveniently located just a few minutes from Brisbane on 22 Juliette Street, Annerley.

Benefits of Lash Bar Australia beauty and Waxing Salon in Brisbane Southside

Visit our waxing salon in Brisbane Southside for the best in service and the latest treatments in a relaxing, low-pressure environment.

  • Years of beautician experience: We have 21 years of experience providing a range of quality beauty therapy services including eyebrow-, facial- and full-body waxing.
  • Exceptional service and treatments: We pride ourselves in our outstanding service. We only use the best products such as hypo-allergenic, low fume, sensitive, government-regulated organic and locally sourced products where possible, with an in-salon guarantee. We provide after-care and follow-up with all our clients to ensure you are happy with your treatment and understand how to care for and maintain the results after leaving the salon.
  • Relaxing environment: Our salon provides a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere where you can unwind while you enjoy our top quality service. You can take it easy and enjoy being pampered by our highly trained beauty technicians. Our beauty techs have an eye for detail and deliver results to a superior standard.

Tips Regarding our Waxing Salon in Brisbane Southside

Our professional beauty techs provide all our clients with helpful tips regarding our product services and after-care.

  • Waxing after-care: We advise our clients to clean and moisturise skin daily to prevent infection of any open hair follicles. You should avoid touching the waxed area after your treatment as this can cause irritation and cause folliculitis. Avoid any sun exposure and do not swim in chlorinated or salt water for 24 hours after waxing and avoid exercise straight after waxing to prevent irritation. If you do exercise, shower immediately to keep follicles free of perspiration. Exfoliate your skin to prevent ingrown hairs for one week after waxing.
  • Further tips: We recommend our clients use a gentle, hypo-allergenic deodorant and moisturising creams 48 hours after your treatment. Wear loose-fitting clothing before and after your appointment to ensure comfort and avoid irritation and contact your waxing beautician if irritation develops.

Why trust Lash Bar Australia as a leading professional Waxing Salon in Brisbane Southside?

We use Caron wax, after-care and moisturising products for face waxing (eyebrow wax/shape, lip and chin wax). We provide full body waxing, including half and full leg, arm and underarm, bikini, G string and Brazilian waxing. Caron wax is a specially formulated, high quality wax for sensitive skin. Our after-care products also help with reducing redness and ingrown hairs. You can enjoy silky smooth, beautiful skin and perfect eyebrow shaping.

We provide top quality service using only the best quality products. Contact us here for quality waxing at our Salon in Brisbane.