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High-Quality Eyelash Extensions in Brisbane

Enjoy beautiful eyelash extensions in Brisbane at Lash Bar Australia.

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Just a ten-minute drive from Brisbane CBD, you will find Lash Bar Australia, a lash bar that can offer you top-notch service when you get eyelash extensions for everyday confidence, your wedding day, or any special event.

What You Can Expect From Lash Bar Australia with Your Lash Extensions

If you are getting mink lash extensions for the first time, you may not know what to expect, so here are a few things you can look forward to when visiting Lash Bar Australia.

  • Extremely high-quality eyelash extensions that can last weeks, leaving you with gorgeous, natural-looking lashes—unlike the heavy false lashes you have to re-apply each day.
  • We use hypoallergenic lashes so you don’t have to worry about possible allergic reactions to lash glue when getting your lash extensions in Brisbane. Allergic reactions to lash glue are more common than you may think, so sticking to hypoallergenic lashes can be a good choice to ensure total comfort.
  • We offer many options including mink lashes, classic lashes, hybrid lashes, volume extensions, and even silk eyelash extensions so you can choose the perfect lashes for your eyes. Each person has different eyes and different needs and sensitivities so it’s important to be able to dependably access the lash material that is just right for you.

Possible Problems with Eyelash Extensions in Brisbane Lash Bar Australia Can Solve

At Lash Bar Australia, we provide a high-quality and indulgent beauty experience when you get volume eyelash extensions. Whether it’s your first time trying extensions or your fifteenth, here are a few benefits you’ll enjoy.

  • We use chemicals that don’t have heavy fumes to reduce the possibility of irritation to your eyes and skin. The strong smells you usually notice when getting eyelash extensions elsewhere can cause you to tear up, and they can even cause nasal pain.
  • Lash Bar Australia is government regulated so you can trust that you are in safe hands: we follow every guideline and best practice to keep you protected. Our team is trained to handle your eyelash application professionally and correctly.
  • Nervous about infection? At Lash Bar Australia, we always keep our tools and facilities clean and hygienic. Our hypoallergenic lash extensions won’t irritate or inflame.

At Lash Bar Australia, we provide a safe and glamorous eyelash extension experience so you leave us overjoyed with your gorgeous new lashes.

Why Lash Extensions in Brisbane Are Cost Effective

With eyelash extensions done by our professionals, you will experience the benefits of long-lasting confidence and be able to skip the worry of putting on lashes on every day to feel put-together. Professional extensions can also be a huge time-saver whether you need to get ready for a special occasion or your daily routine. You will save money on false lashes and mascara, too!

Contact us today to make a booking for eyelash extensions that will leave you feeling glamorous. Our high-quality lashes and professional team will provide you with total safety, comfort, and above all, satisfaction with your lovely lashes.